Favorite Links

 Michele Frantz, friend, artist,
 teacher and all around art enthusiast.

 Roxanne Steed, friend, artist, instructor and   
 world traveler.

Julie Moore, friend and potter.  

Cooperative gallery of pottery and fine crafts.  

 Gallery displaying 2D and 3D works of arts of the Associated Artist of Southport members.

For Your Health:
Quit Day - Kick the Habit!

    * The FreeSite:   A great place to find free programs, graphics,      
       script and other useful information on the Internet.  
     * Fookes.com:  Thumbnail freeware
     * Unofficial Cutesite Builder support.
     * The Artisan, Genesis Newsletter:  What is a Giclee Print?
     * Making Monotypes by Marculwicz, definition of Monoprint and Monotype.

  Note:  All artwork featured on this site is copyrighted © by
Barbara E. Allinson unless otherwise noted.

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