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Please provide you Name - Address - Phone - Email Address.

   This process may take a few days.

   How to Purchase Art  and shipping & handling within the United States.  There may be an increased shipping fee for purchases out     
    side the USA.    

   All original art is hand signed by the artist.

   All Giclee prints are limited edition of original Water Colors paintings, signed and numbered by the artist.   

   Prints are shipped flat and backed with acid free foamcor in a crystal clear plastic sleeve for protection.  
  All new materials are made in USA.

   Artist biography  included with each piece.

Giclee Prints and Note Cards are available.

What is a Giclee print?
 Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) n.  from the French meaning "spray of ink."  A  image
or  painting  is scanned or photographed digitally, then printed using a high  resolution
 inkjet printer with archival quality inks, printed on  various substrates.  
 The giclee process provides better color accuracy  than other means of  
 reproduction.  This new fine art printing technology, developed about 10 years  ago, has
taken the art world by storm.  It is now widely accepted practice in the  world of art.  

   Shipping outside the USA - The buyer will be given an estimated cost.  Please inquire before purchase.

   Note Cards:  They are 3 per package.  Price per package is $10.00 which includes US postage.

Note:  All artwork featured on this site is copyrighted © by
Barbara E. Allinson unless otherwise noted.

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