Turtle News 2010
This year been a very slow season for Carolina Beach, we only had one nest.   

June 30th. Nest #1-- Carolina Beach finally has a nest!  It was discovered by Morning Patrollers Richard Allinson and Jennifer Watts. This was Jennifer's first run!  This same turtle also did a false crawl during the night-this was discovered about 12:30 AM by our nightime rambler, Joey Stephens, and his family.
Loggerhead nesting in the daytime.
Children play in the surf while a loggerhead trys to nest.
In the night-time hours between 6/23 and 6/24 a loggerhead sea turtle crawled out of the ocean and attempted to lay a nest between Ramp 70 and 72 on Ocracoke Island. While heading up the beach, the turtle was hit by an ORV and dragged approximately 12 feet. The animal was found dead with extreme injuries to the carapace and plastron by turtle patrol at 6:10 am on 6/24. The authorities were notified and has investigated the incident. This incident is believed to have occurred during the early morning hours of 6/24 in violation of the night-driving restrictions (from 10 pm to 6 am). Eggs from the turtle were deemed to be potentially viable and were moved to a nest location at the toe of the dune. The turtle was necropsied by NPS staff on 6/25.
                                           Please note...these are graphic photos.    Ocracoke Island Turtle
August 7.  Sometime between 11:30 and 6 AM a dog got into the nest (not a fox.) The dog dug a pretty good sized hole right over the spot where the babies are. Luckily all are safe.  
August 18. Our volunteers at Nest #1 got a real treat last night! Not a hatch...but a mama turtle came ashore just north of where we were sitting and we got to watch her crawl 2/3 up the beach and turn around back towards the water. It was a very large loggerhead (40" crawl width!). Although she didn't leave us a nest, it was an awesome experience getting to see her and, who knows? Maybe she will return.
August19th. Nest #1 hatch took place just after 11 PM, and due to the heavy rains earlier in the day, did not display a depression...it just opened up and began to boil. The small group of folks left at the nest sprang into action quickly and did a GREAT job of getting the babies safely to the water.
Nest #1 will be excavated Sunday evening at 7PM, wrapping up our quietest CB season ever.