Turtle News 2008

Mama Loggerhead going back to the sea after laying her nest.  Photo taken by Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project Morning Patrollers Pat and Ken Rittenmeyer.   ©

Nest #2 was relocated from the shore line
to the top of the dune.
#2 Nest moms, Barbara & Joan.
Digging the trench from the nest to the ocean.
 Nancy B. turtle project coordinator.
Richard, Susan & Barbara
preparing the trench.
Kristen, Barbara & Richard.
View of the end of the trench.
Joan and friend.
George raking the side of the trench.
Barbara preparing to excavate the nest.
Beginning the excavation of nest #2.
Tomi waiting to count and record the condition
 of the eggs found in the nest.
First of 16 live turtle found in Nest #2.
Turtle to be placed in a bucket with a small
amount of sand and ocean water.
  Recorded & being placed in the bucket.
Photo of the nest, they are usually to 24" deep.
This is an exciting time, spectators gathers.
Educating the public about the endangered
sea turtles is an importance job of our  volunteers.
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