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These are some of my new creations.

"Close To My Heart".  That's what I call these commissioned pieces.  The items included are the base container, a quilt with a state design of your choice, a rose, and up to 4 other items of your choice.
Inquires are welcomed.    Inquires: ArtStudioB@hotmail.com       
Quilt, Bichon, Rose, Cup, Book, Artists Palette.
Quilt, Apple, Rose, Black lab with Tennis Ball, Book.
Indiana Quilt, Rose, Beach Ball, Book, Racoon,
 Sea Shell.
Bowl with a Pearl  (nfs)
Dark Blue Tea Pot and  Cups on Tray
Face Pot
Purple Pepper Dish
Red Flower Bowl
Dragon Fly Bowl

Blue Bowl /Braid & Silver Beads

Angel with Swirls
8" Tall x 3  1/2"  (sold)

Looped Lid Container  6" x 15" (NFS)
BlueGeen Pot Silver Lid (sold)

Wave Bowl (sold)

Lemon Bowl
Lemon Tea Pot  (sold)

Lemon Platter (sold)

Horse Hair Bowl (na)
Horse Hair Pot & Lid (na)

     Horse Hair Pot & Lid (sold)
How Horse Hair is Created
When the pottery is leather hard, three coats of Terra Sigillata is applied and burnnished between each coat.  The piece is fired to between 1300 and 1800 degrees. Once the temperture is reached, the incandescent pottery is taken from the kiln using long raku thongs.  The hot pottery is placed on a non-flammable surface and the selected hairs are draped onto it.  Once the piece has cooled completely, it is wiped down to remove the residue.  Then it  can be waxed to bring out the markings.

Note: All artwork featured on this site is copyrighted © by
Barbara E. Allinson unless otherwise noted.

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